District Customer Services Manager

Job Title: District Customer Services Manager
Total Position: Multiple
Job Type Permanent
Job Location: All Clusters
Minimum Education: Bachelors/MBA or Master¿s Degree.
Minimum Experience: N/A
•  Must have strong written, communication and interpersonal skills.
•  Outstanding customer service, staff management skills.
•  Goal oriented, analytical and process driven with a strong cost bias.
•  Knowledge of End to end product, service delivery and processes.
•  Demonstrated capability to establish business reports and transaction statistics.
•  Ability to establish measurable goals and hold team members accountable against those goals.
Key Responsibilities:
• Accept and hold direct reports accountable for maintaining and growing Current relationships and business volume.
• Ensure deployment of adequately skilled staff in line with required capacity plan.
• Implementation of laid down procedural check at assigned branches as scheduled, identifying, reporting and addressing noncompliance.
• Ensure conducting regular skill gap analysis for all customer services staff, accurately identifying evolving training needs and facilitating provisioning of required training.
• Ensure close working relationship with the District Sales Manager to understand evolving service needs and adjust branch service delivery in a Proactive manner.
• Explore ways and means to establish and refine tactics for conducting regular service level reviews, branches business data and transaction data with a view to adjust tactics aimed at improving service delivery and promoting use of alternate service channels.
• Optimize staffing within the district to meet or exceed service levels and continuously strive to improve productivity.