UBL Netbanking on Mobile

How do I use UBL netbanking on Mobile Internet?

  • To access UBL netbanking on your mobile phone, you need to check if your mobile service provider offers GPRS (Internet) facility and that your mobile phone supports the GPRS facility.
  • To activate GPRS (Internet) on your mobile phone, call your service provider on its toll free number and get the Internet facility enabled for your mobile phone.
  • Settings for your particular mobile phone handset are sent in an SMS from your service provider and will get configured automatically.
  • Once the GPRS (Internet) facility has been enabled on your mobile set, go to the browser installed on your mobile phone and enter the URL: http://www.ubl.com.pk/mbank
  • You will be redirected to the UBL netbanking site. Login with your username and password as usual and start using the Netbanking services.