UBL netbanking on Mobile

Which mobile service providers do I have to use to avail the UBL netbanking on Mobile Internet facility?

The service is available on all mobile phone operators providing GPRS (Internet) facility. To activate your GPRS (Internet) facility of your mobile service, call your mobile service operator.

Does this mean that I can surf all my favorite website sites on the Internet through my GRPS/WAP enabled phone?

Our mobile banking has been designed to work with handsets that support secure browsing of HTML web pages. UBL recommends using Opera Mini™*** or Opera Mobile™*** browsers for the experience. If you don't know whether your handset has this software installed or is available for it, please contact your phone operator or visit Opera's site at www.operamini.com

What Security measures are being used?

UBL netbanking on mobile follows almost the same web security level features which are currently implemented in UBL netbanking. Below are the details of security features and standards which are currently being implemented for mobile banking website.

Data Transmission over SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

SSL creates a secure connection between a mobile application and UBL, over which any amount of data can be sent securely. Netbanking on Mobile will only support mobile web browsers which support SSL and accept digital certificates.

Partial Password Authentication

UBL netbanking on Mobile does not require users to enter their complete password and always require user to enter random character of their password for best level of security and to ensure the complete security over data sniffing and key logging threats.

System Logs Maintenance

Each activity performed by the user on Netbanking on Mobile channel is logged with Date / Time, User Mobile Device Information and proper User Activity code so that any type of activity of the user can be tracked and retrieved from the system.

Common Web & Database Servers

UBL netbanking on Mobile is run from the same location from where UBL netbanking website is run, so that it inherits all the security measures of web and database servers which are already implemented and provided to other products. All data is processed and validated at UBL instead of customer’s mobile device which eliminates the possibility of any attacks through malicious sources.

What will be the charges for using this facility?

There are no additional charges for accessing UBL Netbanking through mobile phone. However, your mobile service provider will charge you for the GPRS that you are using to access the internet.

For further information please visit, www.ubl.com.pk\mbank or call us on our UAN helpline 111-825-888

What limits will be available for my WAP account?

The same limits as defined on Netbanking will be available to use on your mobile banking account.