Change Limit and Package

Would I be able to re-subscribe if I have unsubscribed in the past?

Yes, you can re-subscribe to Netbanking at any point of time. Netbanking does not block any account that has either been dormant or unsubscribed. Login details (username and password) of all users who have signed up on Netbanking will remain valid perpetually.

Do I need my ATM PIN to subscribe?

No. ATM PIN is not required whereas Transaction PIN is required.

Do I need my ATM card to change my limits?

Yes. ATM PIN and Transaction PIN are required.

Can I re-subscribe to the same package I am subscribed to?


Can I change my limit without subscribing to a package?


Are there any charges for changing limit?


I have a branchless account linked with my branch account, what will be my limit on each channel?

No.Netbanking limits will be applicable only.

Is the subscription also valid for Netbanking on mobile?

Yes. You would only be able to access Netbanking via mobile if you have subscribed to a package. Your access via mobile will be restricted as soon as you unsubscribe or your subscription expires.