UBL Digital App

What is UBL Digital App?

UBL Digital App brings the convenience and exciting features of UBL Netbanking on smartphones. Now customers can manage their accounts, pay their bills and transfer funds anytime, anywhere they want through the Android app. It has never been so easy to access and manage your finances in a secure, real-time online environment.

Why use UBL Digital App?

Following features are being offered via UBL Digital App:

  • Manage Multiple Accounts
  • View Account Statement
  • Pay your Credit Card & Loan Accounts
  • Pay Utility, Broadband & Mobile Bills
  • Buy Prepaid vouchers & Top-ups
  • Pay to Online Shopping companies
  • Transfer within own Accounts
  • Transfer Funds to UBL Accounts, 1 Link member Banks and UBL Omni Accounts
  • Top-up WIZ Cards
  • Give Zakat and Donations
  • Order new ATM Cards
  • Enjoy Franchise Payment option (for Franchisees only)

What is the Installation Procedure?

Please access Google Play/Apple Store & search for UBL Digital Mobile through your smartphone and click on the install application button. Once installed, proceed with Sign In.

How to Login?

Please note that the same Netbanking Login ID and Password is used for signing-in to the mobile app. New users after downloading UBL Digital App can sign up by providing their account information while existing UBL Netbanking Users can log in by providing their Netbanking Login ID and Password.

How secure is UBL Netbanking Mobile app?

Advanced security measures have been used to provide you with a secure environment where you can perform your financial transactions with complete peace of mind.

How much does it cost to purchase the new app?

There is no cost to download & install the app. The app is absolutely Free!

I have an iOS phone. Can I use UBL Netbanking App on my device?

Yes, UBL Netbanking App is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Where should I contact in case of further queries?

Please feel free to contact us via any of the following channels for all your queries:

  • UAN : (+9221) 111 825 888
  • Email : customer.services@ubl.com.pk