United Bank UK

United National Bank Limited, trading as United Bank UK (UBL UK), was formed in 2001 from the merger of the UK branches of two Pakistani banks, United Bank Limited and National Bank of Pakistan, who had been operating in the UK since the mid-1960. National Bank of Pakistan is the largest bank in Pakistan, and is owned by the Government of Pakistan. United Bank Limited is the second largest private bank in Pakistan, whose main shareholder is BESTWAY Group. Through our shareholder banks United Bank UK has a presence in all the major financial centers of the world.

United Bank UK’s capital base is both strong and stable. Capital provides a buffer to absorb losses and United Bank UK holds in excess of 150%*of minimum amount of capital required by the FSA. United Bank UK is also a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), which guarantees depositors’ funds up to predefined limits.

United Bank UK’s principal activities are to provide retail banking products through its branch network in major cities in the UK; wholesale banking, treasury and money transmission services to Financial Institutions, and trade finance facilities to businesses of all sizes. Our range of personal, family and business banking services are flexible, competitive and easy to use.

United Bank UK strives to achieve best practice in our business dealings and to be a good corporate citizen. We seek to be imaginative, innovative and to provide the highest levels of customer service. Many of our personnel are bilingual, so you can communicate with us in Urdu if you wish. ‘Treating customers fairly’ is our guiding ethos.

United Bank UK is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. United Bank UK adheres fully to UK banking and privacy laws.

*as at 31st December 2011