Request ATM Card

NRP Direct customers will be issued one Primary and Supplementary ATM Gold card. With a UBL Visa ATM/Debit Card you can withdraw money from any of the UBL ATMs or partner ATMs (1-Link and MNET Network) in Pakistan providing you with easy access to cash.

How to request ATM Cards

Logon to UBL Netbanking our internet banking service. Incase you do not have a Login Name for your UBL Netbanking, please go to Getting Started and follow the simple instructions to create your Login Name.

Login and you can request your Primary ATM Card using the "ATM Card Management" feature page. Primary Card will be delivered at the customers’ international address or local address if specified.

Supplementary ATM card can only be requested after Primary Card has been processed. Supplementary ATM Cards can be requested for beneficiary in Pakistan.

Once requested, it normally takes 3-4 weeks for us to deliver you / beneficiary the ATM Cards.