UBL Pardes Account

UBL has always strived to offer the most convenient and free of cost remittance services to all the beneficiaries in Pakistan.

In the same spirt, we now introduce to you “UBL Pardes Account”, aimed to make the receiving money from abroad even easier. Through this new liability account, the customers can receive their home remittance, free of any charges or taxes and be able to withdraw their funds within Pakistan through any ATM or cheque book.

Salient Features

  • Instant account opening & activation via biometric verification
  • Free SMS alert to the remitter & beneficiary at the time of account opening notifying the account number for sending future remittances to this account
  • Option to convert the existing Cash Over Counter payment in full or partial to the account at the time of account opening
  • No requirement for initial deposit, account opening or maintenance charges and minimum balance.
  • Free issuance of ATM debit card for 24/7 nationwide access to funds from ATM and usage at POS
  • Free 25 leave Cheque book
  • Option for having Payorder/Cashier’s cheque made from the account
  • Availability of statement of account especially useful for applying for credit cards & other loan products.
  • Free SMS alerts for beneficiaries when home remittance transaction lands in the account
  • Auto routing of Cash Over Counter transaction to the account if CNIC number is received in COC instructions
  • No Withholding Tax on cash withdrawals since the account will only be fed through home remittance. No other credit of any sort from any channel will be allowed in this account.

Account Opening Process

All you need to do is fill out a simple form at any UBL branch and give it to the teller along with a photocopy of your CNIC. UBL Pardes Account will be instantly opened via biometric verification

Daily Limits

Insurance FeeTransaction type Limit in PKR per day
Loading/Reloading Unlimited
Cash Withdrawal through Cheque Unlimited
Cash Withdrawal through ATM card 200,000/-
POS Transaction 200,000/-
Inter Bank Funds Transfer 100,000/-