Foreign Exchange Desk

UBL being a leading market player provides its sales team an edge by quoting highly competitive prices for an entire range of FX products. Our large network and robust Foreign Trade volumes enable us to provide the most competitive rates making us an active market maker in the inter-bank market. Under the State Bank of Pakistan’s PRI Initiative, we have successfully acquired a large share of the Home Remittance business. This was accomplished by creating synergies with our internal & external partners, providing competitive pricing & quality customer service.

The Bank’s AAA credit rating ensures that it has a vast network of counterparties, allowing it to have an exhaustive network of NOSTRO accounts all over the world with its correspondent banks for all trade and remittance related currencies. Moreover, the FX Desk has a very large FX Swap book that enables our deposit taking businesses in providing very fine prices to our valuable clients who are looking to book FCY deposits.

The following are the range of products and currency pairs that we deal in:

  • USD/PKR (Outright)
  • G10 currency pairs
  • FX Swaps (USD/PKR)
  • Remittances (conversion for Overseas Financial Institutions and Exchange Companies).