Fixed Income Sales

The Fixed Income sales team strives to work towards providing client specific investment solutions in risk free government instruments to corporations, institutions, welfare trusts, individuals etc.

The products offered are:

Benefits to Investors

  • Government of Pakistan securities offer risk-free return on investments
  • Acceptable by financial institutions in Pakistan as collateral
  • PIBs being long-term instruments are an alternate to National Saving Scheme instruments
  • Script less instrument, therefore no hassle of safe keeping.
  • Highly liquid instruments, no barriers to entry & exit

Investment Process

Investors interested in buying GoP Securities, need to follow the below mentioned process flow:

  • Open an Investor Portfolio Services (IPS) Account with UBL
  • Submit the IPS account opening form along with the required documents at their UBL branch
  • (Please note that corporates, institutional investors and individuals interested in opening an IPS account need to have a banking account with UBL)
  • After the IPS account is operational, the customer can proceed with the investment process
  • Select the investment instrument (T-Bill, PIB or Sukuk)
  • Select the investment mode; Primary Market (Non-Competitive Bid–NCB) or Secondary Market