UBL Pay Partner

UBL Pay Partner provides comprehensive services, for those who require fast and hassle-free disbursement solutions. UBL Pay partner is a comprehensive electronically managed disbursement solution which provides a platform to disburse any type of payment including payroll disbursement into UBL accounts, UBL Prepaid WIZ card or accounts at other banks (1-link member banks). This product is ideally designed for organizations that require paper free instant transfers, with customized reconciliation reports / MIS.


Organization should have at least 50 payments/transfers per month.

Benefits & Features

UBL Pay Partner benefits the organizations in more than one way:

  • Reduces paperwork.
  • Reduce the TAT (turnaround time).
  • Saves remittance and other costs.
  • Receiver/Creditor/employee receive instant credit.
  • Quick and enhanced reconciliation process
  • Provision of comprehensive and customized MIS

With UBL Pay Partner, the employees / Creditors / Customers of an organization who maintain account with UBL will enjoy the convenience of:

  • Same day credit in account electronically
  • Non-stop 9-5 branch banking.
  • Global acceptability of the UBL Mega Wallet Visa Debit/ Master Debit Card / UBL Prepaid WIZ Card
  • Access to cash at all the ATMs in Pakistan (both 1 Link & M-net networks)
  • Free 24 hour Phone Banking
  • Free Internet Banking
  • Free e-statement
  • Utility bill payment through ATM, internet and mobile banking

For more information or call 111-825-888.