UBL BetterLife-Bancassurance EFU Life

Bancassurance is the selling of insurance and banking products through the same channel, most commonly through bank branches.

Partnering with leading insurance companies in the country, we offer a diverse range of insurance plans to cater to your needs at every stage of life.

  • Plan Name Description
  • UBL BetterLife Child Education Plan Accumulation of target funds for education of your children and ensuring that goal is achieved even if the parent dies earlier.  For more details, Click here
  • UBL BetterLife Marriage Plan Endowment funds for your children in an organized and disciplined manner for use in later life. For more details, Click here
  • UBL BetterLife Savings Plan Flexible open ended savings product with life insurance protection to your family and loved ones. For more details, Click here
  • UBL BetterLife Retirement Plan Accumulating retirement funds for your regular retirement income. For more details, Click here
  • UBL Better Life Shaheen Plan UBL BetterLife Shaheen Plan by EFU Life is not only a multipurpose savings and investment vehicle but provides valuable life insurance coverage as well. With higher first year allocation, the plan gives a valuable benefit to the customer to the customers from the higher returns. For more details, Click here
  • UBL BetterLife Takaful Plans Protect your family’s future with UBL Better Life Takaful plans that is in accordance to your beliefs and Shariah principles.For more details, Click here

The above given plans are available at select UBL branches. Please click here for the list