UBL Cash Collect

UBL Cash Collect is a comprehensive Cash Management Collections Solution that is specially designed to fit varying collection needs of organizations. With UBL Cash Collect, a particular business collection need can easily be structured, as per customer’s requirement. Under this service all receivables of customer will be routed through our UBL branch network.

UBL Cash Collect provides customized electronically generated MIS/Fund Collection Tracking that not only helps customers manage their collection of payments through UBL branch network, but also eases the time consuming reconciliation process.

The product enables a business to efficiently manage its cash flow by collecting payment from numerous UBL branches across Pakistan and gather the same to one Main Collection Account (MCA), along with customized MIS Reports.

Benefits & Features

  • Single account maintenance and no need to establish or reconcile collection accounts in various designated branches.
  • Reduces paperwork.
  • Saves remittance and other costs.
  • 24/7 online access to account information.
  • Quick and enhanced reconciliation process.
  • Provision of comprehensive and customized MIS through Ubonline.
  • End to End automation
  • Customer can view any deposits made during the day on a real-time basis.
  • Customized deposit slip is used for collection of funds.

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