UBL BetterLife Bancassurance SLICO

Bancassurance is the selling of insurance and banking products through the same channel, most commonly through bank branches.

Partnering with leading insurance companies in the country, we offer a diverse range of insurance plans to cater to your needs at every stage of life.

  • Plan Name Description
  • UBL BetterLife Endowment Plan A plan to save money for education of children
  • UBL BetterLife Sada Bahar Plan A plan that allows policy holders flexibility coupled with the best returns by allowing partial withdrawals with a substantial payout at the end of tenor.
  • UBL BetterLife Three Payment Plan A plan that allows multiple withdrawals from the sum assured to meet financial needs of policy holders


These products are underwritten by respective Insurance Partners. It is not guaranteed or insured by UBL or its affiliates and is not a UBL product and UBL is only acting as a distributor of this product.