UBL Better Life Child Education Plan

UBL BetterLife Child Education Plan provides a complete financial package for planning your children's education, by helping you create an endowment fund for this purpose in an organized and disciplined manner, over a predetermined period. To put your son or daughter through college or university, this Plan is spot on!

Better Life Child Education Plan

  • Investment Fund EFU Managed Growth Fund
  • Minimum/Maximum Age at Entry 18-65 years nearest birthday
  • Maximum Age at Maturity 75 years nearest birthday
  • Available Term & Payment Range 10-25 years
  • Minimum Annual Premium 15,000
  • Unit Allocation as % of Basic Plan Premium Year 1 – 30-40% (Depending on the term of the policy)
  • Year 2 - 80%
  • Year 3 to 10 - 100%
  • Year 11 & onwards - 105%*
  • Ad hoc - 100%
  • *If the Basic Premium is greater than 20,000, else it would be 100%
  • Premium Payment Mode Annual
  • Partial Surrender Benefits Bid Value of Units requested for Partial Withdrawal. Amount of Partial Surrender may be subject to minimum amount and residual value determined by the company.
  • Policy Surrender Option Allowed, provided that two annual premiums have been paid by the policy owner
  • Ad Hoc Premium Allowed anytime during the policy is in-force
  • Policy Surrender Option Allowed after completion of two policy years provided that two annual premiums have been paid by the policy owner
  • Death Benefit After the death of the life assured, the remaining unpaid premium will be paid by EFU Life, so that the target fund at maturity for the child education can be achieved.
  • Surrender Benefit – Preferable at the maturity (available after payment of two years premium) Bid value of units at the time of surrender
  • Optional Riders/Built in Income Benefit
    Waiver of Premium (built-in)

  • Applicable Charges Bid/Offer Spread: 5%
  • Investment Management Charge: 0.125% of the fund value per month
  • Administration Fee: Rs. 60 per month (Deducted Anually)