UBL Term Life

Providing financial protection to your loved ones!

UBL Term Life is a simple and affordable way of providing your family with a guaranteed financial benefit, if something unfortunate happens to you.

UBL Term life is an annual renewable insurance plan that covers natural and accidental death including terrorism cover. 24 hours world-wide! The product also covers pre-existing conditions after 180 days!

You may choose from three plans silver, gold and platinum:

Product Features

Plan Options


Sum Assured

Annual Premium(PKR/Person)


Death Benefit Natural & Accidental

PKR 1,000,000

PKR 3,500


Death Benefit Natural & Accidental

PKR 1,500,000

PKR 5,500


Death Benefit Natural & Accidental

PKR 2,000,000

PKR 8,200



These products are underwritten by EFU Life Assurance Limited. It is not guaranteed or insured by UBL or its affiliates and is not a UBL product and UBL is only acting as a distributor of this product.

  • Plan does not offer protection cover in case of Suicide and Self-inflicted injury
  • Plan shall not cover death within 180 days of commencement date, if caused directly or indirectly, wholly or partly by any medical condition which existed prior to the enrollment date of coverage