Selfie Account Opening

UBL now offers first of its kind Selfie Account that can be opened simply through UBL Omni mobile app.

You just need to follow the below steps:

  • Download UBL Omni mobile app from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Enter credentials and submit a selfie along with CNIC picture.
  • Upon successful submission, instant account will be opened with provisional 1 credit and 1 debit transaction.
  • A confirmation SMS will be received from 8257.

Note: First deposit will be made from UBL Dukaans.

Salient features of Self-Account Opening:

  • 1 Pinless QR Transaction of upto Rs. 15,000 will be allowed.
  • Customers can deposit funds into their UBL Omni Account through the following;
    • Cash-In via Nationwide Omni Dukaans / UBL Branches
    • Omni Account funds transfer via SMS, ATM, Netbanking, App (QR code)
    • Funds transfer from Other Banks via ATM or Netbanking
    • Funds Transfer from UBL Account via ATM or Net Banking
  • UBL Omni Customers can remove their Omni account discrepancy of Face or CNIC image through Omni Mobile App.
  • This account will be opened as Level 0 Non-Biometric Account and will have same account limits as of existing Level-0 Non-Biometric Accounts.
  • This facility will be visible for every fresh download of UBL Omni Mobile App on the respective handset.