Auto-Debit Facility

OMNI Auto-debit facility is a step further in providing ease and convenience to Omni Account holders in terms of paying for their bills and transferring funds.

The Account holders will just give one-time standing instructions for scheduling bill payments or funds transfers through OMNI Mobile App or by calling UBL helpline (021)-111-825-777. Hence the customer will not have to go through the hassle of carrying out transaction of a regular payment/transfer as it will be automatically debited from their respective account.

The Auto-Debit functionality is for Active Accounts holders (L0-L2) and will be applicable for 2 types of facilities; Payments to Companies as well as Funds transfer. That is

Payment to Companies includes:

  • Bill Companies
  • Zakat
  • Donations

Funds transfer includes

  • A2A (Omni Account to Omni Account)
  • A2P (Omni Account to CNIC/Person)
  • IBFT

- Standing instructions is to be given by customer for scheduling payments/transfers through customer Mobile App or Call Center.

- This service will be free of charge for the customer. However, payment and funds transfer transactions will be charged as per Schedule of Charges.