UBL Omni Account


Omni Mobile Accounts are actual bank accounts and work similar like other bank account. It’s available for all customers having any registered SIM and CNIC. Your registered mobile number against your CNIC becomes your Omni Account number.

Omni Accounts can be opened through any Omni Agent or UBL Branch. Omni Account holders can avail all the services that Omni offers through not only Dukaans but through a wide array of channels.

How to activate?

To use Omni account through SMS or Omni Mobile App you need to have an Omni Account PIN. At the time of Account activation, the call center representative will ask you to generate an Omni Account PIN and guide you through the process.

In case you forget your Omni Account PIN please call 111-825-777 for PIN re-generation.

How to Use your UBL Omni Account

It is so easy to access your Omni Account using any of the following channels:

  • SMS
  • Omni Customer Mobile App
  • Omni Dukan
  • UBL Netbanking
  • ATM
  • UBL Branch

Omni Account holders can use their Omni account through the SMS Channel and Omni Mobile App. By use of simple SMS commands & Mobile App flows they can avail an array of banking services. To use account through SMS commands you don’t need a special SIM or GPRS connection.

To use your Omni Account through SMS channel just follow simple process as below:

Step 1: Send required transactions SMS command to 8257 (for details on SMS commands format please see table given at the end of this page)

Step 2: Receive system generated call from Omni (possible call back numbers will be 02132404567, 02132445785 or 02132487513 or 03158258888)

Note: You will receive a callback on funds transfer of more than Rs. 7000 and on bill payment of more than Rs. 5000

Step 3: Enter you Omni Account PIN to complete the transaction

To use your Omni Account through UBL Omni Mobile App just follow a simple three step process:

Step 1: Search and Download UBL Omni Mobile app from Google Play store or Apple Store

Step 2: Activate your UBL Omni Mobile App

Step 3: Enter your Login Credentials and start using your Omni Mobile App.

Is it secure to use Omni account through SMS?

For every transaction, you receive a system generated confirmation call from UBL Omni. Every payment is authorized by a security PIN that only you know.

How secure is UBL Omni Mobile Banking?

Your UBL Omni Mobile Banking account is specially designed for safe and secure mobile transactions. Every payment is authorized by a security PIN that only you know. You will receive confirmation call through IVR only from a UBL Mobile Banking number so that you can authenticate the source of the call and distinguish it from unknown callers. This means that in any circumstances only you can make payments from your mobile phone. What's more is that you can be sure that your transactions will be processed instantly.

Services and Channels offered

Following Services are offered for Omni Account holders which can be availed through the following channels:

For charges details visit our schedule of charges section

Terms & Conditions

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