Money Transfer

Sending money anywhere in Pakistan has become very easy, by using the power and convenience of Omni. Just visit your nearby UBL Omni Dukaan.

Sending Process

  • Visit any UBL Omni Dukaan with your original CNIC and its copy to initiate the money transfer.
  • Provide the following details to the UBL Omni Dukaandar which is required for sending money:
    • Your CNIC number
    • Your mobile number
    • City where you are sending money
    • Receiver CNIC number
    • Amount
    • Receiver mobile number (Optional)
  • You also have the choice of keeping a disbursal code on your own, or you can let Omni keep a code for you. The disbursal code will be used by the receiver to collect money from the UBL Omni Dukaan. If you choose to keep the disbursal code on your own, you will be required to enter that disbursal code on agent’s mobile or PC.
  • UBL Omni Dukaandar will enter the details on his mobile or PC and ask you for a copy of your CNIC which he will keep for submission to UBL. On successful transaction you will receive an SMS from 8257 on the mobile number you provided which will contain the 5 digit disbursal code for this transaction, and a transaction ID. It is VERY important that you provide your own mobile number as:
    • The disbursal code will only be sent on the mobile number
    • The disbursal code will be required by the receiver to collect the funds
  • UBL Omni Dukaandar will also hand over a printed transaction receipt containing all the transaction details. Please keep this slip safe until the receiver has successfully collected the funds. Communicate the 5 digit disbursal code you received on your mobile to the receiver.

Receiving Process

  • Receiver can visit any UBL Omni Dukaan to collect funds by presenting the following:
    • Own (Receiver) CNIC
    • Copy of own (Receiver) CNIC
    • 5 digit disbursal code (necessary)
  • UBL Omni Dukaandar will verify the receiver’s CNIC copy with the original and initiate the transaction. On successful execution of the transaction, a confirmation SMS is sent to the money sender. UBL Omni Dukaandar will hand over the transaction slip and cash to the receiver.

Important Note

A receipt is provided for all Omni transactions. Please make sure to collect your receipt from the Dukaandar every time you conduct a transaction.