Omni Term Life Insurance

Jubilee Term Life introduces “UBL Omni Term Life Insurance” a unique life insurance cover through UBL Omni, designed for UBL Omni Account Holders & Walk-In Customers ensuring a safety net for their families.

This product can be purchased from a selected set of Omni Dukaans. Applicable age to avail this product is 18 to 59 years. UBL Omni Term Life can be purchased at a unit price of Rs. 350/- against which the premium payable to the beneficiary (blood relative) will be Rs. 100,000. Each unit is valid for a year from the day of subscription. A customer can purchase up to 5 units which means a premium payable to a beneficiary can be up to Rs. 500,000. This product does has a waiting period of 30 days and a customer is given a free look period of 7 days. There is no medical test required in order to purchase this product. Death and disability due to any reason are covered. Exclusions include suicide, self-inflicted injury, terminal/critical illness and pre-existing conditions.


  • How will the policy be issued?
    It will be issued from Agent Dukaan for Non Omni Account Holder & Omni Account Holder

  • How many policies can be bought on one CNIC?
    Customer can get multiple policies, Maximum being 5 units
  • Can the policy be cancelled?
    Policy can be cancelled within 7 days from the issuance day; if policy is cancelled within 7 days, then customer’s premium is refunded.
  • Will the premium be refunded in case of cancellation?
    Customer will call the Omni call center 111-825-777 and a Disbursal code will be sent on Customer’s Mobile number. Customer can use the code to receive the money back from Omni agent
  • What is the waiting period?
    Policy will be immediately active but coverage/claim will be in effect from after 30 days of premium payment.
  • How do I change my beneficiary?
    You cannot change your beneficiary
  • How will I know that I am enrolled for life Insurance?
    Once you are successfully enrolled, we will send you an SMS confirming your enrollment with the policy number.
  • Is there any medical exam required to be insured?
    No medical examination or form filling is required to avail insurance cover.
  • What are the exclusions? Or Under what conditions claim will not be payable?

    The following will not be payable by Jubilee Life Insurance:

    • Death due to suicide & Self Inflicted Injury
    • Terminal/critical illness
    • Pre-existing conditions
  • What is the claim process?
    In the event of unfortunate death of the insured customer, please give intimation simply by calling Jubilee Life insurance on the number 111-111-554. Claim settlement will be directly to the beneficiary upon completion of simple requirements; this is the responsibility of JLI.
  • Who will get the claim in the event of my death?
    Beneficiary who can get the claim in the event of death can only be the blood relative which was nominated by the deceased at the time of purchase such as the following and nominee must be at least 18 years of age.
    • Brother / Sister
    • Husband / Wife
    • Mother / Father
    • Son / Daughter