IBFT & Cash Deposit to UBL Branch Account

Interbank Funds Transfer (IBFT) & Cash Deposit to UBL Branch Account facility is being offered to our walk-in customers at Omni Dukaan. This feature will enable a walk in customer at Omni Dukaan to deposit cash in other Bank accounts (1-link banks) as well as to UBL’s regular bank account. This will help customers to send money from their nearest Omni shop beyond banking hours. Sender only needs to provide his original CNIC and Mobile number.

Sending Process:

  • Visit any UBL Omni Dukaan with original CNIC.
  • Provide following details to UBL Omni Dukandar/Agent for sending money to other Bank account/UBL branch account:
    • Sender CNIC Number
    • Sender Mobile Number
    • Receiver Bank Name
    • Receiver Account Number (Br. Code and Account number / IBAN)
    • Receiver Mobile Number –Optional
    • Purpose of Funds
    • Amount in PKR
  • UBL Omni Dukandar will enter the above mentioned details on his system and check original CNIC / SNIC of the customer
  • On successful completion of transaction acknowledgement message will be sent to you via SMS and Omni Dukandar will hand over a printed receipt containing transaction details.

Terms & Conditions

  • Limit for IBFT (cash deposit to other banks) from Omni Dukan is Rs. 25,000 (via non-biometric) and Rs. 50,000 (biometrically) per sender CNIC per month.
  • Limit for cash deposit to UBL Account from Omni Dukan is Rs. 60,000 per Depositor CNIC per month.
  • Bring your original CNIC to avoid any inconvenience.
  • For transaction confirmation, please see acknowledgement SMS and ensure to take receipt from Omni Dukandar.
  • Please match and confirm the Transaction amount with the detail mentioned on Receipt else Bank will not be held responsible.
  • FED is included in all transaction charges.
  • In case of dispute transaction, only transaction amount will be reversed whereas transaction Fee and FED are not refundable.