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UBL First Minor Savings Account

UBL First is a savings account opened on behalf of a child in the name of the father or mother or a court-appointed guardian and the minor.

UBL First is designed especially for children and aims at becoming every child's first bank account, helping inculcate a savings habit. It is tailored to meet a child's future financial needs in a planned and convenient manner.

Special features:

  • Every account holder is entitled to a welcome pack
  • Two ATM Debit Cards are provided; one is a specially designed UBL First Pocket-Money Card (complimentary) for the withdrawal of profit from the linked account. The other is a standard ATM Debit Card (optional) – this allows you to withdraw money from the principal account
  • Account opening, birthday and account anniversary surprises
  • Free E-statements
  • The account holder is entitled to value added services that include Internet Banking facilities
  • No minimum balance penalty levied on the account

Rules of the Account

  • UBL First Account can be opened for any child aged between one day and 18 years
  • UBL First Account can be opened with a minimum amount of PKR 100/-. There is no limit on the maximum amount of investment
  • The cheque book (for the principal account) and the Pocket-Money Card will be issued jointly in the name of the minor and the father/mother/ guardian
  • The UBL First Pocket-Money Card can be used to access the monthly profit in cash from any ATM machine or be used for shopping at retail outlets
  • The facility of online use of Debit Cards will be available once registration procedures have been duly completed
  • Profit is calculated on monthly average balance
  • Detailed Terms & Conditions can be viewed in the account opening form