UBL UniZar Foreign Currency Term Deposits Receipt

If you wish to make a secured long term foreign currency investment, UBL's Foreign Currency Term Deposit Receipt is a smart choice, just make an investment and see your deposit grow over time.

Special features include:

  • Choose from different range of currencies i.e. US Dollars, British Pounds, and Euros etc.
  • Term deposits in foreign currency are offered for the following periods of maturity with variable rates of return: (1) Three Months (2) Six Months (3) Twelve Months
  • There are no cash handling (Cash Deposit & Cash Withdrawals) charges from the customers
  • Avail different attractive rates depending on the currency you choose
  • Get the pleasure of availing the best rates of return in the market
  • Flexible options of rollover or renew the TDR at the time of encashment
  • UBL offers the widest reach across the country with an increasing number of more than 400 foreign currency dealing branches
  • You can withdraw funds in either foreign currency or in Pakistan Rupees, whatever your requirement may be
  • Zakat exempted
  • For all FCY Term Deposits, fixed rate of return on booking month's rate

Contact your nearest UBL branch today for further details or call now: 111-825-888 (UAN).

All rates are indicative and subject to change without any prior notice.

The method of calculating return/profit under the profit/loss sharing scheme is governed by the Bank Rules under prevailing regulations/directives of the State Bank of Pakistan.

WHT will be applicable as per Government rules.