UBL Wiz Virtual Prepaid Card

Make your online shopping experience more secure and seamless with the ‘UBL WIZ Virtual Prepaid Card’, the first of its kind in Pakistan!

No longer need to worry about having a physical debit or credit card. The Wiz Virtual Card powered by Mastercard, enables you to shop online without having to worry about your financial exposure. It is a digitally generated Card number, on which the balance can be loaded with the desired amount.

UBL Account holders can get their ‘UBL WIZ Virtual Prepaid Card’ instantly without any stacks of forms or documentation. Simply log-on to your UBL Netbanking or call us at 111-825-888 to get your Virtual Card.

The ‘UBL WIZ Virtual Prepaid Card’ comes with the power of Mastercard, especially tailored for online purchases and payments.

With the ‘UBL WIZ Virtual Prepaid Card’ you define your own limit! The balance you load on this card becomes your online spending limit. You can reload your virtual card as and when you want, without having to visit any Branch.