UBL Silah Mila

Remember the time when you were rewarded for your achievements - All simple. All instant.

UBL has designed a campaign for the first time in Pakistan to acknowledge and reward customers who have shown excellent performance in their loan repayments with other banks. Customers who maintain good credit history with any bank in Pakistan on consumer products can qualify, based on a certain threshold of credit bureau scores. These customers are being offered rate breaks and instant rewards upon qualifying for UBL consumer products.

Rate Breaks

  • Product Existing Rate Discounts
    (only year only)
    'UBL Silah Mila' Rate
  • UBL Credit Card 39% 6% 33%
  • UBL Credit Card - BTF (Balance Transfer Facility -
    outstanding balance transfer from other banks' credit
    cards to UBL Credit Card)
    24% 3% 21%

Instant Rewards / Lower Charges

  • Product Instant Rewards / Lower charges
  • UBL Credit Card Fuel worth Rs. 500/- on activation.
    Fuel worth Rs. 500/- on BTF on
    installments for an amount of Rs. 50,000/- and above.

UBL Credit Card & UBL PSO Co-brand Credit Card

The most exciting and vibrant credit card brand in Pakistan is not only powered by the security of a chip, but also offers a range of other benefits like SMS alerts service, security of internet transactions through VbV service, Lite installment plan, fuel redemption against reward points, etc. The credit card can provide you a credit limit up to Rs. 2 mln without any security requirement and is also available in a co-brand version with PSO co-branded credit card. Customers can also transfer their outstanding balances from other banks' credit cards to UBL Credit Card, depending upon their credit limit with UBL Credit Card, at a discounted rate offered through 'UBL Silah Mila' campaign.