Life is full of uncertainties and seldom turns out the way you plan for all the important life stages and milestones in your life. Through all this, you wish to have an extra stream of income that manages to fund these glorious moments of life .Therefore, whether you are planning to provide the best education to your children, or safely finance their marriage, or arranging a comfortable home, providing financial security to your loved ones, or planning your own retirement. Now you can protect your family’s future with UBL Better Life Takaful plans that is in accordance to your beliefs and Shariah principles.

To meet your specific requirements, United Bank Limited provides you golden opportunity to invest, in UBL Better life Takaful Plans in collaboration with EFU & JLI.


What is Takaful?

Takaful comes from the Arabic root-word ‘Kafalah’ — “To look after or guarantee”. Takaful means mutual protection and joint guarantee. Takaful is based on the concept of brotherhood and mutual solidarity. It is a unit linked fund comprising of Shariah compliant investment.

Product Offering

UBL Better Life Takaful plans offers you all the flexibility you need, because we understand that each individual has unique needs .Each plan is specifically designed to benefit the customers, providing the better and secured future to your family and loved ones.

Following plans are being offered to our valued customers: