Ameen Premium Certificate

Ameen Premium Certificate is specially designed for those investment account holders who are willing to get high return on their investments with multiple benefits. Funds are received on the basis of Mudarabah and are used only in Shariah compliant business.

Key Benefits & Salient Features

  • Minimum amount to purchase a Certificate: Rs. 5,000,000/-
  • Available in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1year (Maturity) and 1 year with (monthly) profit payout.
  • Expected high rate of return with the flexibility of a wide range of tenures and profit payment options
  • Premature encashment facility available
  • Profit is calculated on fixed amount placed at the time of booking
  • Renewal option available
Other Benefits
  • Invested amount and Profit credited to checking account on Maturity and is available through ATM and Net banking
  • For other profit frequencies, profit amount credited to checking account is available through ATM and Net banking
Other Information

In the event of losses, the Depositor and the Bank will bear the same according to the ratio of their respective investments.