Ameen Financial Institution Deposit Account

Ameen FI Deposit Account is a checking account allowing maximum flexibility and provides High returns to Financial Institutions from their Shariah- Compliant avenues. Ameen FI Deposit is a wide range tier based saving account where the expected rate of return increases in each progressive tier i.e. larger deposits fall into higher tiers with greater returns. Funds are received on the basis of Mudarabah and are used only in Shariah compliant business.

Key Benefits & Salient Features

  • Account can be opened with Rs 100/-
  • Expected high rate of return with a wide range of tiers.
  • Profit is calculated on the basis of daily average balance in a calendar month
  • Monthly profit payment
  • No limit on number of transactions
  • No minimum balance requirement
Other Benefits
  • SMS Alerts
  • Net Banking facility
  • E-statement facility
  • 24/7 Call Center facility
  • Non-stop full service (within bank timing)
Other Information

In the event of losses, the Investment Account Holder and the Bank will bear the same according to the ratio of their respective investments.