Ameen Business Account

UBL Ameen Business Account (ABA) is a Mudarabah based account which aims at providing a Shariah Compliant tool to individuals and corporate customers to transact their business activities in a most convenient and economical manner across Pakistan. Funds received in this account are received on the basis of Mudarabah and are used only in Shariah compliant business.

Key Benefits & Salient Features

  • Account can be opened with Rs 100/-
  • Nominal profit calculated on daily average balance and paid half yearly.
  • No limit on number of transactions
  • No minimum balance requirement
Following free of cost services are available
  • FREE Inter Branch Online Transactions – Country Wide
  • FREE Visa Classic Standard Debit Card (Issuance, Replacement & Annual Charges)
  • FREE Issuance of Cashiers Cheque / CBC
  • FREE issuance of first 25 leaves Cheque Book
  • FREE Over the Counter Cash Deposit
  • FREE Cheque Return Unpaid From Payee’s Account in Outward Clearing
  • FREE Clean Bill For Collection / Intercity Clearing
  • FREE Duplicate Cashier’s Cheque / CBC
  • FREE Duplicate Account Statement
  • FREE UBL Go Green SMS Alert
  • FREE Cancellation of CC / CBC
Other Benefits
  • ATM/VISA Debit Card
  • SMS Alerts
  • Net Banking facility
  • Free E-statement facility
  • Access to your funds through online network of over1,200 UBL branches and 4,500 ATMs across Pakistan
  • 24/7 Call Center facility
  • Nonstop full service (within bank timing)
Other Information
  • All Government taxes and levies for services offered, whether free or charged as per Schedule of Charges, will be recovered from the account holders.
  • In the event of losses, the Investment Account Holder and the Bank will bear the same according to the ratio of their respective investments.