UBL Click N Bank

UBL Click n Bank – Your long distance bank account in Pakistan.

UBL Click n Bank (for NRPs living in the USA)

UBL Click n Bank offers you a simple and convenient way to open and operate a bank account in Pakistan while sitting in the US. Your physical presence at the branch is not required and the account is opened in the branch of your choice anywhere in Pakistan.

Feature & Benefits

Complete online registration

With UBL Click N Bank, you can now avoid cumbersome paperwork by simply registering and operating the account completely online. It's simple, easy and quick!

Streamline Remittances

You can send money to your UBL Click n Bank account through UBL Click n Remit as well as any of the other remittance service available.

You can remit funds from your UBL Click n Bank account to any Other UBL or Pakistan bank through our Netbanking Service (Hyper Link). Using Netbanking you can also:

  • Send money to your beneficiary having account in any of the 1-link member bank in Pakistan.
  • Monitor and manage your account with 24/7 access.
  • Obtain real time account balance, statements and alerts.
  • Send money to anyone in Pakistan using the PC-to-Person facility, either through the Account-to Account transfer or get a TezRaaftar check delivered to the payee's doorstep within 48 hours.
  • Pay your mobile & utility bills online in Pakistan.
  • Schedule recurring payments on weekly/monthly basis in Pakistan.

These features and many more make this facility the first of its kind to be offered by any bank in Pakistan.

PKR Accounts operable countrywide

UBL Click n Bank is a Pak Rupee account which works as a regular bank account and is accessible via any online UBL branch or 1Link ATM countrywide in Pakistan.

Free ATM Debit card

The account comes with a one Primary and one Supplementary ATM Debit Card for free. A total of 9 Supplementary cards can be availed against Click n Bank account. Only the first Supplementary Card is free of charge and all subsequent cards will be charged as per Bank’s Schedule of Charges (SOC). For detailed SOC

Cheque Book

To get a Cheque Book all you have to do is to send a notarized cheque book and signature specimen form to our UBL NY office and the check book will be delivered at your door step.

24x7 Personalized Regional Support-

Get personalized support directly from our branch in New York

Call our UBL New York branch @ 212-943-1275 ext 123 / 118 or you can contact our Pakistan helpline by calling +9221-111-825-888 or sending an email at customer.services@ubl.com.pk

These features and many more make this facility the first of its kind to be offered by any Pakistani bank in Pakistan for its account holders from the US.