Learning & Development Trainer

Job Title: Learning & Development Trainer
Total Position: ONE (In Lahore)
Job Type Permanent
Minimum Education: •  Bachelors, Master degree is preferred.
Minimum Experience: •  Minimum 3-4 years experience of branch banking operations.
•  Training experience is preferred and professional certifications will be an added advantage.
Job Requirements:
• Design and implementation of training programs.
• Conducting In-House technical trainings.
• Preparation of training material for the course (Notes & Presentations).
• Preparing participant evaluations comprising of tests, quizzes, presentations & comprehensive exams as per the course requirements.
• Responsible for the training calendar, incorporating the business demand for training and identification of new training & learning avenues in consultation with the L&D Centre Head.
• Monitoring performance & record keeping of technical courses.
• Arranging training logistics.
• To ensure that no compliance / Audit objection / observations raised during / after internal or external audit against the assigned segment.
Skills Required:
• Strong knowledge of branch banking.
• Well groomed with excellent communication / interpersonal skills.
• Ability to conduct training independently.
• Strong analytical skills.
• Ability to smoothly execute projects within time framework.
• Ability to manage training budgets.