German Student Visas – Proposition for UBL FCY (Euro) account Holders

The Proposition:

UBL proudly assists Pakistani students aspiring to study at German universities by facilitating them in the student visa process.

The applicants will be required to submit a safety deposit in the accounts, as directed by the German authorities, ensuring them of covering the living expenses for the first year. These funds will then be placed in an FCY Euro account at UBL, before being transferred to an account that can be opened by the student, upon his/her arrival in Germany.

Salient Features:

  • This facility will be available at all UBL branches that deal in Foreign Exchange.
  • This Facility will provide a surety of availability of funds for living and boarding expenses of the student in Germany.
  • It will facilitate the student visa issuance process for Pakistanis seeking admission in German universities/ educational institutions.
  • Parents, Guardians, Relatives of the student intending admission in a German educational institution, can use their existing FCY (Euro) accounts (individual or joint – either/survivor with student) or can open a new FCY (Euro) accounts (individual or joint – either/survivor with student) at any UBL branch that deals in foreign exchange.
  • This facility will not be offered to individual (FCY Euro) accounts of the students themselves to avoid issues such as account becoming inactive/ dormant during the student’s stay at Germany.
  • The block on the account will be placed in accordance with the tenure of stay/ study in Germany and the amount specified by the German authorities in terms of yearly living & lodging expenses of students.

Terms and Conditions

Foreign Currency accounts/ deposits are opened and maintained subject to Foreign Exchange Regulations and directive of the government of Pakistan, or any of its organizations / agencies and State Bank of Pakistan from time to time.