Money Market Desk

As a Primary Dealer (PD) in Government of Pakistan (GoP) securities, UBL is one of the leading players in money market & fixed income securities. As a market maker we actively participate in primary auctions of Treasury Bills (T-Bills), Pakistan Investment Bonds (PIBs) & Ijara Sukuks held by the State Bank of Pakistan on behalf of the GoP.

UBL has one of the largest and strongest balance sheets amongst all the banks in Pakistan. Our balance sheet size enables us to warehouse securities of various tenors, thereby providing a platform for our debt distribution mandate under the PD status. The Desk is a window giving access to the Primary Fixed income market via non-competitive bidding. The Fixed Income sales team leverages on our extensive, domestic branch network to market & distribute GoP Securities across a diverse client segment. The sales team successfully provides custodial services for client’s fixed income securities, by providing Investor Portfolio Security (IPS) accounts. The following money market product suite is offered to our retail, institutional and interbank clients:

  • Treasury Bills (T-Bills)
  • Pakistan Investment Bonds (PIBs)
  • Ijara Sukuks (GIS)
  • Repo & Reverse Repos
  • Call/Clean Borrowing & Lending