Government of Pakistan Ijara Sukuk

Is a conventional Fixed Coupon bond , bearing bond classification of Par + Coupon. The Pricing is based on market determined yields.

Salient Features are

  • Issuer: Government of Pakistan
  • Tenor: 3 Years (Fixed & Floating Instrument)
  • Rental Payment: semi-annual rental (Linked to weighted average 6 month T-Bill)
  • Denominations : Multiple of 100,000 Pak rupees
  • Withholding Tax : Deducted at source (Currently at 10%)
  • Sale of Bills : Through designated Primary Dealers td>
  • Redemption: Sukuk shall not be redeemable before maturity
  • Tradable: Sukuk are script less & traded freely in the Secondary Market and are transferable.
  • Custodianship Ijara Sukuk’s are script less instruments, client’s holding are held in the Investor Portfolio Services (IPS) Account managed through Subsidiary General Ledger Accounts with banks.