What is UBL Premium Master Debit Card?

UBL Premium Master Debit Card is a Debit / ATM Card which is an internationally accepted Debit MasterCard that allows spending on shopping outlets and cash withdrawals at ATMs.

What can be done with UBL Premium Master Debit Card?
  • Withdraw Cash at ATMs locally & internationally
  • Shop at all outlets that accept MasterCard locally & internationally
  • Funds Transfer Facility
Where is UBL Premium Master Debit Card available and what is the eligibility criterion?

UBL Premium Master Debit Card is available at all UBL branches. You can apply for Premium Master Debit Card by simply filling in the application form. Also, there is no eligibility criterion for Premium Master Debit Card, as all existing and new account holders can apply for this card.

What are the benefits of UBL Premium Master Debit Card?
  • No need to carry cash.
  • Safe & Secure
  • 24x7 access to Contact Center Services at 111-825-888
  • Upto 3 supplementary cards
  • Discounts and deals at merchants
  • Global acceptability
  • Higher ATM and POS limits
How UBL Premium Master Debit Card works?

UBL Premium Master Debit Card is an ATM / Debit card. Spending is limited to the amount of money in the account. Each time cardholder use the card to shop or withdraw money from an ATM; the amount is automatically deducted from customers account. Because it carries the MasterCard logo, it can be used anywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted – in stores, in Pakistan & abroad.

How shall the customer know where can UBL Premium Master Debit Card be used?

UBL Premium Master Debit Card can be used at:

  • All UBL ATMs
  • All 1 Link & M-Net ATMs
  • ATMs bearing the MasterCard / Cirrus logo
  • All merchants displaying the MasterCard logo in Pakistan & abroad
How to shop using UBL Premium Master Debit Card?

UBL Premium Master Debit Card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Cardholders shall make sure that they know their account balance before shopping the merchant or service provider may not be able to retrieve this information for them. On purchases through this card, cardholder shall give the cashier the card to swipe at the POS terminal. Cardholder shall check the amount printed on the receipt to see if it is correct. Customer shall be asked to sign the receipt. The purchase amount will automatically be deducted from the account. Cardholder can continue to use the card until the account balance has been depleted or until the expiry of the card.

How long is my Card valid for?

The valid period is 5 years from the date of issue.

What shall the customer do when account balance has been depleted?

In this case, customer can visit UBL branch that has issued UBL Premium Master Debit Card and get the account replenished. As soon as customer account has been credited the card can be used again.

Are supplementary cards available?

Yes up to 3.

Is there anything that customer should know before conducting any transaction with UBL Premium Master Debit Card?

Customer just needs to be sure of their account balance before conducting any transaction.

How does the customer know the balance on UBL Account?

The balance can be checked on the card by visiting nearest ATM and conducting a balance inquiry transaction or by contacting Call Center at 111-825-888.

How long can the UBL Premium Master Debit Card be used?

Customers can make purchases and or with draw cash using UBL Premium Master Debit Card until the expiration date shown on the card (which is 5 years after the issuance), or until the value of the account has been depleted. Once the balance on the account has been depleted, customers can add more money to the account at UBL branch.

What does customer need to do to get UBL Premium Master Debit Card?

All customer need to do is fill out a simple form at the branch in which they are maintaining the account. The branch will forward the request for card to the concerned and in 7-10 business days customer can collect his/her card from the same branch.

How many cards can the customers buy?

Eligible customers can have 1 basic card against their single account with 3 supplementary cards with every basic card.

Can customers get a statement of account for UBL Premium Master Debit Card?

Yes, they can get a half yearly statement of account. Apart from this, they may also subscribe to our free of cost UBL e-statement facility which offers e-statement at various frequencies (Daily, Monthly, Weekly & Quarterly) at their registered email address. The customers can get a mini statement of their account by visiting the nearest UBL ATM or by contacting UBL contact centre at 111-825-888.

Who should the customers contact if they encounter any problems abroad?

Customers can seek emergency assistance by lodging a lost/stolen card report or obtaining emergency cash from MasterCard Emergency Assistance Centers. They can get the Toll-free contact numbers for MasterCard Emergency Assistance Centers in the welcome guide given to them with their UBL Premium Master Debit Card.

Where will customer get ATM PIN for their UBL Premium Master Debit Card?

Customers can generate their ATM PIN through IVR (Interactive Voice Recording) by calling Phone banking at 111-825-888

What to do if customers lose their UBL Premium Master Debit Card?

It is important that customers report the loss immediately by calling Phone Banking at 111-825-888. Phone banking will block their card and raise a request for replacement card. Card holder will get the card in 7-10 business days from the respective branch or in special cases via mail to your last updated address.

What to do if customers lose or forget their ATM PIN for their UBL Premium Debit MasterCard?

Customers can call Phone Banking at 111-825-888 and set a new PIN for them through IVR.

What other features are associated with UBL Premium Master Debit Card?
  • Highest spend and withdrawal limits on the card spread (PKR 200,000 each on POS & ATM)
  • World class deals on lifestyle services through MasterCard Moments and the MasterCard Global Premium Collection
  • Exclusive local deals and discounts on high end retailers and services
  • Premium global image and association. The card design reflects the exclusive status of the card.