What is a UBL Mega Wallet card?

UBL Mega Wallet Card is a revamped version of the existing Wallet Debit Card. The existing UBL Wallet silver & gold card has now been merged into one Mega Wallet card with the limits of the Gold card. 

What if I want a UBL Wallet Gold card instead of UBL Mega Wallet card?

Wallet Gold card has been discontinued. You can apply for UBL Visa Mega Wallet Debit Card.

How can I apply for the UBL Mega Wallet card?

You can apply for UBL Mega Wallet card by calling at our call centre on 111-825-888 at any time. You can also visit any of the UBL branches and apply for the UBL Mega Wallet card.

Will my UBL Wallet gold card keep working?

Yes. Your existing Gold card will keep on working. However, we recommend that you switch to the Mega Wallet at the earliest since the Gold card will be discontinued shortly.

Can I keep my existing Wallet Card and get a new Mega Wallet too?

No, you can only keep one Wallet card at any given time. However, you have the option to keep a Premium Mastercard with a Mega Wallet card on the same account.

What are the enhanced limits of UBL Mega Wallet card?
  • Annual Fee (Rs.) Daily Limits (Rs.)
  • Card Type Primary Supplementary ATM Withdrawal Debit Card Funds Transfer (UBL to UBL) Funds Transfer (UBL to other banks)
  • Mega Wallet 600 350 40,000 100,000 100,000 100,000