UBL Debit Card on Net


Internet shopping is fast and one of the easiest ways to buy almost anything you want from anywhere in the world. If it is music, software, gifts for your loved ones, or your favorite electronics, getting it is just one click away. You can shop at any place or time without leaving the convenience of your home and get it deliver at your doorsteps.

Now all you need to get started is your UBL Debit Card.

So go ahead and enjoy the convenience of online shopping. Simply call at 111-825-888 (UAN) to activate your card. Our Phone bankers will help you set your online shopping limits and start enjoying this amazing new facility offered by UBL – Where you always come first!

  • No activation or annual charges-Only nominal transaction charges per session.
  • No extra paperwork required.
  • Customer defined duration and transaction amount for enhanced security.
  • UBL Debit Card can be used at all international and local websites that accept VISA & MasteCard.
  • Use up to your full daily UBL Debit Card limit in a day of Rs. 100,000.-200,000

Getting Started

To use your UBL Debit Card on internet follow the steps below:

  • You can request for internet registration & session activation by calling at Contact Center (111-825-888) from your registered number, and specify the time period and maximum transaction amount.
  • Contact Center agent will verify your credentials (as per defined policy) and initiate internet registration request on successful verification.
  • Once the card is registered in system for internet use, you can request for session activation on the same call.
  • After session activation, you can undertake any internet transaction by using your UBL DEBIT CARD within requested duration and amount.
  • Internet session would become inactive as soon as the session time/amount ends. (Session automatically gets deactivated on change of date)

Can I use my UBL Debit Card on Internet?

Yes, your UBL Debit Card can be used for Internet transactions by activating your session for internet usage.

How much will I be charged for the facility?

For every session, you will be charged Rs. 100/-. During any session if you decide either to change the duration or amount that was set earlier, it will be treated as another session and you will be charged another Rs.100/-.

What is the maximum amount I can spend in a day?

The maximum amount you can spend on the internet in one day is the same amount as your daily POS limit i.e. Rs. 100,000.-200,000

What do I need to do if I change my mind about an internet transaction?

If you change your mind about an internet transaction i.e. end the session earlier than planned OR decide to spend more or less than the transaction amount that you have set, you can contact our Call Centre at 111-825-888 to update your preferences. Please note that you will be charged Rs.100/- for the change in session duration or change in amount.

What do I do if I am not sure how much of my blocked amount is remaining?

You can contact our Call Centre at 111-825-888 to inquire what amount of your transaction amount is still remaining.

How can I find out how much more time I have left to complete my transaction?

You can contact our Call Centre at 111-825-888 to inquire how much time is remaining.

Do I have to fill the internet registration form every time I decide to shop online?

No, Internet registration is one time process.

Do I have to call the call centre for session activation every time I decide to shop online?

You can activate online session for any given period of time. By clearly mentioning the time duration for online activity, we will make sure the genuineness of online transactions and will authenticate the transactional activity as per your request for the given duration and amount. As soon as the session expires/ comes to an end, the card would become inactive for online usage until another request for session activation. Without activation this service cannot be used.