Image Submission

You may opt for any one of the following modes in order to submit your preferred image for Galleria:

1. Your Favorite Picture

It could be any picture of your kids, spouse, family members, friends, favorite vacation or pets. We now bring to you the option of placing your favorite image on your credit card. Customize your UBL Credit Card with a picture of your choice. To submit your own favorite image, simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Attach the hard copy of your favorite picture with the application form.
  • If you're a new customer simply present your App-Track Number along with your CNIC and favorite photograph. If you're an existing cardmember just present your UBL Credit Card along with your CNIC and preferred image

*digital, black & white, and poor quality images will not be accepted.

2. Picture Catalogue

If you can't find anything suitable in your photo album, use one from ours! Choose from a variety of pictures present in our picture catalogue available with the sales representative and pick the one that matches your personality,style, passion or hobbies.

3. Website

Select the image that you want on your Galleria via the UBL website.

  • Simply visit and go to the Galleria webpage link.
  • Get yourself registered by entering your personal details
  • Once you have logged in as a member, you can select any picture from our online image gallery or you can upload your own favorite image
  • Design your card by rotating, resizing or flipping the image.
  • Preview the design and submit the final image.