UBL Netbanking

Security Alert:

All UBL customers are advised to not disclose any confidential information such as Netbanking ID/Password/OTP/TPIN, ATM Card Number/PIN & Email Address, and Password etc. through any means. Any such correspondence via email, phone & social media etc. can result in deceptive practices.

UBL Netbanking offers you a simple, convenient and secure way to manage your bank accounts 24/7 from anywhere in the world. UBL netbanking is the most trusted Internet Banking portal in the country primarily because of its uniquely strong security features and an attractive list of transactions and activities available.

With UBL netbanking, you can view all yours deposit, credit card and loan accounts. You can pay your utility bills, mobile phone bills, buy prepaid vouchers, invest in UBL Funds, transfer funds to any UBL account holder, transfer funds to any 1Link member bank account in Pakistan, view cheques-in-clearing, manage your ATM card online and shop online at our various partner stores in Pakistan, all from the comfort of your home.

UBL also offers Netbanking Mobile application which brings hosts of exciting features of UBL Netbanking with the convenience of 24/7 accessibility of managing accounts via smartphones